Noble Savages is a band in San Francisco. Our current line-up is: Ryan McBrearty on vocals, Jackson Walker on guitar/bass, saxophone, Kyle Rousseau on bass/guitar, and Andrew Crawford on drums. We make music, we write original songs, and we play a lot of our favorite covers. The music of Noble Savages is inspired by rock, blues, funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and a bunch of other stuff. Mostly we just like music, and being in a band. San Francisco is a wonderful place for a band to be making music. We enjoy playing street festivals, as well as bars, clubs, restaurants, backyards, parties, special events, or even in our own living rooms. We are Noble Savages!
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The Band

Coming off the release of their debut album, “When the Dust Settles,” San Francisco-based Noble Savages bring their unique mix of rock, funk, reggae, and jazz. Fresh vocals combine with grooves that will set your feet on fire and saxophone solos that will melt your brain.

Noble Savages formed in late 2012, after longtime friends and then-roommates Kyle and Jackson got out of the living room and started playing shows. Ryan came along from our old cover band, Andrew impressed us in an audition, and before we knew it, Tom and Alexa were in, too.

Our songs are about love, mindfulness, rebellion, introspection, and gettin’ dirty.