Noble Savages is a band in San Francisco. Our current line-up is: Ryan McBrearty on vocals, Adam Medina on guitar, Kyle Rousseau on bass, and Andrew Crawford on drums. We make music, we write original songs, and we play a lot of our favorite covers. The music of Noble Savages is inspired by rock, blues, funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and a bunch of other stuff. Mostly we just like music, and being in a band. San Francisco is a wonderful place for a band to be making music. We want people to dance and have a good time. We enjoy playing street festivals, as well as bars, clubs, restaurants, backyards, parties, special events, or even in our own living rooms. We are Noble Savages!
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Now and This

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“Now” is the first of two sister EPs by Noble Savages. It contains five original songs about living in the present moment and realizing our place in this universe. “This” is our follow up EP, which continues this motif while adding its own mix of flavors, touching on lust, ambition, and purpose. Together they form our second full-length album, “Now and This”.

“Now and This” is available for listening on: